The Society of American Military Engineers

CHARTER of the Greater Kansas City Post

Be it known to all by these presents:
The members of The Society of American Military Engineers residing in and near Kansas City having associated themselves in the formation of a local unit of the Society, and having applied for charter under the style and title above indicated; Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority reposed in us by the Constitution of The Society of American Military Engineers we have this day granted to the said Greater Kansas City Post this Charter of Incorporation as witness our signatures and Seal hereto affixed.

It shall be the purpose of this Post to promote the aims of The Society of American Military Engineers and the interests of the National Defense, by fostering closer personal relations between the members of our Society, by stimulating the interest of the profession in engineering preparedness, both personal and material, for the defense of our country, by the dissemination of engineering information bearing on defense, and by maintaining the high standard and traditions of the profession of military engineering.

This unit and its members shall observe all the duties and requirements and enjoy all the rights and privileges which are now or may hereafter be demanded or accorded by the provisions of the Constitution of the Society, and by the laws of the United States. This Charter shall be perpetual.

Given at Washington, D.C. this 26th day of March, 1931.


Signed by the President and Secretary
Gavel and Constitution
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