The mission of the Society of American Military Engineers is to promote and facilitate engineering support for national security by developing and enhancing relationships and competencies among uniformed services, public and private sector engineers, and related professionals.  Consistent with this mission, the Greater Kansas City (GKC) Post will provide scholarship opportunities to local students excelling in academics, community involvement, and leadership with the potential of contributing to the spirit of the Society.

Program Overview


2015 Scholarship Application


UMKC Fall 2014 PE Review Course Scholarship

Past GKC Post Scholarships
The Greater KC Post has been awarding scholarships since the 1980's.

Recent scholarship award winners can be found in the following newsletters:

2014 $4000 awarded to 4 recipients.

2013 $4,000 awarded to 4 recipients.

2012 $4,000 awarded to 4 recipients.

2011 $3,000 awarded to 3 recipients.

2010  $3,000 awarded to 3 recipients.

2009  $2,000 awarded to 2 recipients.

2008  $4,000 awarded to 8 recipients.
2007  $15,000 awarded to 15 recipients.
2006  $15,000 awarded to 15 recipients.
2005  $15,500 awarded to 16 recipients.
2004  $15,000 awarded to 15 recipients.
2003  $15,000 awarded to 15 recipients.
2002  $20,000 awarded to 17 recipients.

Our scholarship and education program continues to grow and is a primary mission of the GKC Post.

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